With the Infusionsoft API, third-party applications can be connected with Infusionsoft to share data. ‘API’ stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’. An API allows an application talk to another application for transferring data. APIs translate information in one application to a format that can be understood and used by another application. Data in both applications remains intact and secure.

The Infusionsoft API features a published set of functions that can be called by web services to add or extract information from the Infusionsoft application. The functions are well documented, but it does require skill and experience to use and configure them effectively.

Examples of Infusionsoft API projects we might undertake to benefit your business:

  • Integration with your accounting software (e.g. Sage or KashFlow)
  • Shopping basket integration (e.g. Zen Cart)
  • WordPress Integration
  • Google API Integration
  • Using Infusionsoft sequences and records to trigger fulfilment activities to happen (e.g. introductory letters, sending physical invoices, sending gifts and packages etc)

Sample uses of the Infusionsoft API:

  • Manage contact information – add, update and find contacts in addition to managing follow up sequences, tags and action sets.
  • Manipulate data relating to contacts, companies or other data stored in Infusionsoft.
  • Retrieve the results of saved searches and reports inside Infusionsoft.
  • Send emails to contacts as well as attaching emails sent from other systems based on an external trigger.
  • Create and modify files inside the Infusionsoft System.
  • Manage, create and modify eCommerce transactions.
  • Pull commission data for affiliates. To manage your affiliate information, use the DataService.
  • Work with web forms within Infusionsoft.
  • …and many others… please call us to discuss!

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Other Infusionsoft Help Services We Provide:

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Call us now on 01423 790 114 for a discussion or contact us with your query via the form below and we’ll get back to you.